Finished ore mine in Songs of Syx

Songs of Syx Ore – A Quick Mining Guide for v55

Updates have been coming so fast that our Songs Early Access review is largely outdated. Don’t worry though, the game has only improved since. With fast-changing mechanics, it’s sometimes hard to figure out how things work in the game, and no doubt this little guide to get your ore mining started in Songs of Syx will soon be obsolete too. However, as of Songs of Syx v55 this should work just fine.

Step-by-Step Guide to Harvesting Ore in Songs of Syx

  • Establish your village

Building an ore mine in Songs of Syx v55 can’t be your first priority. We suggesst you get your village going with food production, dorimitories, lavatories and storage first.

  • Find Ore

Once the above is done and you’re stable, scroll out to highest zoom (scroll wheel or the + and – in the menu). Here you should be able to locate mining deposits, encircled in red. Find the nearest ore deposit.

  • Build Ore Mine

Once the right spot is located and you’re zoomed in you need to choose the Ore Mine in the Extraction building menu.

songs of syx ore deposit

Click the ore mine and then draw the grid over the whole ore area. There are a handful of thins you need to take into consideration here:

  • The area you draw also determines how many workers can be assigned.
  • The whole area needs to be cleared, just like when creating farms in Songs of Syx.
  • Placing Storage requires wood.
  • Placing Auxiliaries requires Steel (DO NOT PLACE FOR FIRST MINE).
  • Output decreases depending on how many non-ore tiles are selected.
  • Remember to adjust worker count once building is ready.
songs of syx ore mine
  • Build Storage

In Songs of Syx, all buildings have a certain radius at which they work, usually 150 tiles. Ore and other deposits are usually far away from the main settlement, which is why you need to set up a storage facility near the mining operation. Technically, you can set your warehouses to pick up from the whole map, but it’s better to go with proper logistics to reduce bottlenecks. Remember to allocate space for ore in the warehouse.

Once you set up your refinement operation, you will need another warehouse set to fetch, which will then look for the resources from all warehouses.

Once all of this is finished, you’re done! Now your peons will harvest and store ore.

The next step is building a coal mine and getting your metal smelter functional.